Mario and I are boarding our flight to Los Angeles in a few minutes. Next weekend we are invited to attend a charity dinner with William Shatner and Sheryl Crow – friends of our American shareholder Ben. This week will be a walk in the park with just a few meetings in between. Most of the time we hopefully will spend working at the Pacific seaside until the big night: a horse show followed by Sheryl’s performance, a gala dinner and an auction with the proceeds going to charity; a few of our products of course will be part of the auction: iPad sleeves signed by Bill and Sheryl.

I am hungry. Over the past week I had to starve myself to fit into the paper-jeans mentioned in my previous post. Although I already lost 5 kilos by eating pop corn and vegetables only, I will need to slim down another few kilos to be able to sit down in them as well.

After the event we will transfer to Colorado Springs, where we will set up our US outpost.

2 thoughts on “L.A.

  1. I was at this event and received a paper credit card holder/wallet as a gift. I LOVE IT! I want more. Please, please tell us where to buy your stuff. It is incredibly cool!

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