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We are sitting in a small bistro eating burgers with fries; this is to celebrate a fantastic night. I can afford the extra calories now, because my paper pants did not crack open despite their very tight fit =)

Last night we attended the Hollywood Charity Horseshow. And again the response to our little project was overwhelmingly positive. We now can claim that Papernomad has conquered Hollywood: we gave beta versions of our iPad sleeve to William, his wife Elizabeth and to Sheryl and her manager – we are looking forward to seeing the traces on their iPad sleeves at next years charity dinner.

An iPad sleeve signed by William was put up for a silent auction prior to the dinner and fetched a sensational US$700. Congratulations to the winner! And remember: from July onwards you can purchase our products at a slightly lower price per piece on

It was a moving experience to witness the compassionate effort of Bill and his wife to help children in need. Last year they collected more than US$400,000 (!) and Sheryl preformed free of charge to the organizers to help the attract a crowd of people to support their cause. Thank you Bill, Elizabeth, and Sheryl!

After the charity dinner we left for downtown LA to have some drinks with Ben, Aiden, Thomas, Boye and Tim: the SkyBar on sunset Boulevard with amazing views over the city and the BOA where we were facing a seafood platter of scary dimensions. At two in the morning we were kicked out (not due to bad behaviour!) Thank you guys for an extremely entertaining evening.

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