Slim-fit Undies

Papernomad is proud to be invited to attend William Shatner’s Horse Show Charity Event on April 29. We are looking forward to presenting our very first batch of Papernomad iPad sleeves to an audience including Sheryl Crow. In preparation for this event we asked our friends at Gebrüder Stitch to create a pair of pants for us to wear at the gala dinner – of course they didnt use denim but PAPER (on that note: we have no intention to design or manufacture paper-clothing, we just wanted to try using our paper composite in any context possible).

Last summer my pants tore apart while jumping up to hit the ball in the middle of a volleyball match in front of 100 spectators – an awkward moment if you are wearing slim-fit Mickey Mouse underpants. This summer I am coming prepared with a second pair nearby if something goes wrong. But I trust Walter’s craftmanship and our material: tear resistant, water proof and flame retardant (of the latter two I hopefully wont have to make an example).

The proceeds of both the event and an auction concluding the event – among other items a special edition iPad sleeve signed by William and Sheryl will be up for auction – will go to charity. Papernomad will manuafcture a limited edition iPad sleeve to follow the event – again with all the profits going to a charity nominated by William.

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