Papernomad was created in early 2010 as a platform for the development and marketing of eco-event-seating: a cost-effective and environmentally sensible vehicle to promote a brand at music festivals, outdoorsports events, large functions or open air cinemas. These patented beanbags are made of multi-layer paper membranes which are sewn together along their four edges and filled with pop corn – or at leastsomething very similar to that. Both the paper and the filling material are recyclable, they can even be thrown in the compost. Great stuff, because they will leave a lasting impression on visitors but none on theenvironment.

The material that we use for our beanbags proved to be exceptionally tough: it is water proof, tear resistant, flame retardant and compostable. We therefore began to scout for niche applications where our paper can substitute “traditional” materials while increasing the performance of a product. In close cooperation with our suppliers of these high performance paper-composites we design and develop laptop sleeves, messenger bags, mobile phone skins … made of paper.

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We are socially conscious designers, marketing professionals, artists and one or two lunatics. Our passion is to question existing systems and design sustainable solutions with respect to social and environmental issues. By merging creative assets with effective business practices we successfully produce refined results across a variety of projects: public art preservation, event marketing concepts, transitive lifestyle apparel and furnishing

Papernomad GmbH
Praterstrasse 22/21
1020 Vienna

(c) 2017 papernomad gmbh

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