Our New Sleeve for the iPhone® 6

This is more than a protective cover for your iPhone, a canvas for your creative expression or an ecological alternative.

141112-cr-pa6 on ip6 wbr

Papernomad ‘Pars’ for the new iPhone 6

An Exercise in Analogue Literacy.

Our minds, initially, are like blank pages waiting to be fed with new information which the digital world provides so conveniently. As we rush through the day, we are being directed, reminded, entertained, informed and updated. We scan, photograph, record, manage, negotiate and even socialize digitally. But what is the prize of this maximum efficiency?

A Soothingly Analogue Counterbalance.

Most of us live and travel through a world of constant change – a world that we are at risk of losing ourselves in. Paper is the perfect counterbalance to this glass and plastic digital world that surrounds us. Why not enjoy some time offline without your mobile device and cover it in something meaningful: a Papernomad – the canvas for your creative expression.

A Meaningful Gift for Your Customers.

Promote your corporate identity in a sustainable, unique and customizable way. We would love to create a customized corporate edition [pdf] for your business.

  • Reinforce that every employee is unique
  • Communicate a “green” corporate image
  • Cobranding to promote corporate identity
  • Proven track record with billion-dollar enterprise

Write to us – we are always happy to hear from you!

130730-crbhbu copy LQ

Papernomad Corporate Editions


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