ISBN 0062210262

If you search for ‘Papernomad’ on, you will find a book called ‘Star Product Designers’ among the search results and for some inexplicable reason, we are one of those ‘stars’.

140527-cr-SPDs by Irene Alegre outside circled 300dpi nblrd LQ

I can’t think of any country where I encountered more sarcasm than I did in Australia. But when they call someone a ‘legend’ they really mean to express their admiration. Like a compliment based on sincerity, this exaggeration is not meant sarcastic at all. But despite of having lived there for many years, I never fully understood the Australian sense of humor and – perhaps this is due to my German background or my latent insecurity – I still can’t distinguish between sarcasm and sincerity.

And now there is this book by Irene Alegre, who compiled designers’ colorful illustrations and photographs – from concept to the finished product – across 416 pages and 1.3 kg of glossy paper. On page 248 I found a short paragraph and some sketches that look familiar:

140527-cr-SPDs by Irene Alegre inside 300dpi nblrd LQ

‘Sarcasm’, to quote Oscar Wilde, ‘is the lowest form of wit’ and since there is no attempted wittiness to be found in this book – or else it might be called ‘Lunatics’ Doodles’ – it may be safe to assume Irene’s sincerity. But no matter how exaggerated the title – it will provide the occasional giggle over the thought that, at least on paper, I have achieved my childhood dream.

Amazon’s Product Description:

Includes 350 illustrations and full-color photographs

Star Product Designers offers an insider’s look at the best product designers working today. With the goal of eliminating the need for instruction manuals, every designer in this book endeavors to create products that are user-friendly, efficient, and beautiful.

Perfect for both the amateur designer as well as the most accomplished – and anyone else in between – this comprehensive compendium reveals the design process, from concept to finished product, of some of the most innovative products on the market today. Featuring a wealth of concept sketches, profiles of the leading designers and design firms, and gorgeous, full-color photographs of the products themselves, this book is a must-have for anyone interested in understanding product design and the creative design process.

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