A’nother Award

It’s weird how easy it is to win an award these days: you just send in your work and in return you get an award. This time it’s ‘bronze only’ though, but we are happy because we didn’t forget how painful it was to develop this little thing called ‘Tootsie’ – an iPad folio named after a honky tonk bar in Nashville where we celebrated our partnership with Griffin Technology. We are using magnets to lock the device inside the folio and designed a simple mechanism to turn the folio into a stand – also by the use of magnets. Although I don’t know how they work, I love magnets; perhaps that is why Tootsie contains no less than 27 of them. Meet Tootsie …

Winning the Red Dot, the German Design Award and a honorable mention by Core 77 was easy, too, because the award didn’t require us to appear on stage. At the Red Dot award ceremony, my colleague Ben held a speech about our paper – our product – and the audience loved his conclusion that ‘paper always wins’ (opposed to scissors or stones). He seems to enjoy the attention, while I prefer to rest my lazy ass on some couch where no-one asks me any questions.

The award ceremony of the A’Design Award, however, will be different: we have to dress according to code and walk on stage to grab the trophy. Even though this will be only for a few seconds, I dread the idea of standing in front of so many people while all my focus will be on hiding the shaking of my legs. Maybe I can divert the attention if I wear a cool t-shirt.

We have to travel to Lake Como to pick up the trophy. That area in northern Italy isn’t the worst place to hang out: they have fantastic food and wine, amazing landscapes and beautiful architecture. How could you be more convincingly complimented on your design than receiving an award from the grand masters of design? We are proud of this recognition coming from the home-land of Alessi, Moleskine, Pininfarina, Sottsass and many more of the world’s most prominent design companies who set the trends others follow.

The A’Design Award re-assures me that we are heading in the right direction: up.


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