Hungover in Vegas

Last week we spent a few nights in Vegas and woke up with a hangover.

We did not wake up to find our hotel suite in disarray, a tiger in the bathroom, a chicken in the living room or a baby in the closet. Our hangover wasn’t the result of one too many Whiskeys. We just felt exhausted by the absence of tangible culture, real things, authenticity.

Observing the deranged nature of the world of electronics – the whole of Las Vegas for that matter – made us want to throw away all those little gadgets that we had become so accustomed to. The digital universe and the devices that we use to connect to it lead us to believe that we are in touch with one another, at any time and any where. In reality though, we settle for a substitute for analogue experiences, for fake (digital) experiences that do not provide real human interaction.

Las Vegas in itself is no different to those digital experiences as the whole city seems to be a replica of the real world. We encountered the replicas of Venice, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and the fake Trevi Fountain at Cesar’s Palace where the protagonists in the movie ‘The Hangover’ lost their friend.


 The incredible ‘noise’ of information, the proudly exhibited trash that is supposed to make our lives easier and the superficiality of the city gave us a massive hangover. No matter if curved or flat, big or small, bright or dull, glass or plastic: digital content will never be as good as the real thing that it tries to emulate.

Papernomad – so I hope – is different: our products emphasize the analogue beauty of the time we spend off-line. Papernomad stands for the analogue counterpart, the original vs. the copy, the food that is cooked with love vs. the frozen Pizza, a striptease bar vs. holding the hand of someone you cherish.


Our US partner Griffin Technology showed this analogue counterpart beautifully with their presence at the CES: a welcoming booth built from natural materials, warm colors and happy people. 

Our products were presented in this soothingly analogue environment, a cosy space that featured a beautiful wall mural, paper lounges and relaxed and smiling staff. We did not enjoy our visit to the CES, but we do enjoy to know that we are selling products with meaning.




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