In The Best Company the World Could Design

Vienna, AUSTRIA – March 16, 2013: What do Audi, Bombardier, Porsche and Papernomad have in common? The first three are successful international corporations with decades of history, storied success and countless millions of happy customers. Papernomad is only a couple years old with just a short and sweet story of success. Give up?

These four companies are in a very select group as they all won both the RedDot and the German Design Award in the past year. The population of companies with this distinction can be counted on one’s hands.

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Papernomad is pleased to announce that it received the 2013 German Design Award for its environmentally-friendly cases for electronic devices. In January, the small group of honored designers and companies gathered in Frankfurt to celebrate the best ideas from around the world.

Benjamin Kwitek, a Papernomad co-founder noted: “We are incredibly pleased to be honored along side some of the world’s best companies. It’s a testament to the power of a designer – in our case Christoph Rochna – that the jury recognizes talent and awesome design without necessarily considering the size or power of the company.”

The German Design Award release stated, “The jury was particularly taken by the product’s analogue appearance, a clever contrast to the product housed inside that invites the user to pick up a pen or paintbrush, get creative and customize the cover made of tear-proof paper.” It concluded that Papernomad is a product, “with a few surprises (and a great deal of fun) up its sleeve.”

In addition to the RedDot Award and this year’s German Design Award, Papernomad has always believed that the best reward is the gracious and overwhelming feedback from its customers. Christoph Rochna, the design force behind Papernomad, said: “A kind note of appreciation from one of our fans is often far more rewarding than the red carpet or Champagne one finds at awards ceremonies – the user is our inspiration.”

Papernomad is also pleased to see more and more of its users across our planet. The partnership with Griffin Technology in the United States has opened many doors into the single largest market for electronic device accessories.

So the next time you’re riding a Bombardier or driving an Audi, don’t forget your Papernomad – since you definitely appreciate the best design in your company.
German Design Award

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