From Square Tables to Round Ones

Vienna, AUSTRIA – February 05, 2013: Papernomad GmbH, a small Austrian company that designs mobile device cases made from paper, is excited to announce its exclusive partnership with Griffin Technology, Inc. in the United States.

In 1992, Paul Griffin founded Griffin Technology on his square kitchen table in Nashville, Tennessee. Nearly 20 years later, three guys would sit around another table halfway around the world and found a company called Papernomad.

Benjamin Kwitek, one of the Papernomad founders, said: “Today our companies are sitting together around one round table. Papernomad and Griffin Technology will be working together to bring Papernomad’s innovative products and designs into the North American market.”

Perhaps there is something special about tables. They are the perfect place to come together. Having a seat at the table is a metaphor used for positive collaboration around the world.

Christoph Rochna, the inventor and co-founder, explains: “we have named our products after restaurants and cafes around the world because we believe our best ideas occur when we are enjoying the company of others – with good food and drink.” Rochna continued, “so, our iPhone case is named Pars for a favorite restaurant in Vienna and an upcoming product is named Cha Chah for a place we loved in Nashville.”

Papernomad’s groundbreaking cases and products use a patent-pending paper and other organic materials that defy conventional wisdom. In addition to being compostable and environmentally friendly, they allow for customization and individual expression.

While traditional cases are made from plastics that remain in landfills for decades after the useful life of the electronic device, Papernomads return much more gracefully to the Earth.

Kwitek continues, “Griffin Technology is a clear leader in the industry and they understand the importance of the conscious user and the global environment.”

In the coming months, Papernomad and Griffin will launch products throughout the American, Canadian, Mexican and Central American markets. Rochna concludes: “we welcome our future customers and hope to see Papernomads on more and more tables around the world.”


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