kindred spirits

Since I got my iPad a few months ago, I have been on the hunt for a case in which to put it. iPad cases (or sleeves) are hardly akin to hen’s teeth but I wanted something different – something I could really infuse with my own personality and aesthetic. I was beginning to think that I would have to settle for something pretty but ubiquitous when I happened upon this one by Papernomad.

I love the little details incorporated into its design. A tab at the top enables my iPad to glide out effortlessly and also doubles as a magnetic clasp. The sleeve itself is made from a waterproof and biodegradable paper composite and lined with wool in the loveliest green. My iPad looks especially snug and happy inside it and, best of all, I can draw on it to my heart’s content.

I find that I tend to gravitate towards products that serve multiple purposes. Perhaps this one will finally get me out of doodle drought.

by Chi Feasey – a fashion designer and compulsive daydreamer

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