When Pet Rocks Die…

We live in a world full of petroleum and plastics. It powers our cars and planes. It makes shopping bags that end up in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Petroleum has become our Pet Rock.

The famous line in The Graduate about plastic being the future dates back to 1967. Perhaps it was the future then but most of us weren’t even born yet in the 1960s. The 21st Century was yesterday.

Still, in 2012, people buy plastic cases for their iPhones and iPads. While functional, they are made from petroleum. They are extracted from fossils that are millions of years old. After just 12-18 months of use on our electronic devices, they collect in our garbage cans and fill up our dumps.

Perhaps it’s time to discover a case that isn’t made from plastic. Even Pet Rocks die and that’s probably better for our planet.

One thought on “When Pet Rocks Die…

  1. Some 35+ years ago, I once upon a time ago I did have a “Pet Rock.” His smooth dark gray surface made him the perfect ideal elliptical pet. He had his own little cardboard crate with vent holes and stiff raffia for bedding. He must have ran away, cause today in 2012, I can’t remember much after all that excitement of bringing him home from the “Ben Franklin,” a store that sold greeting cards, 45’s, Albums, and 8-Tracks, yards of fabric, sewing notions, toys and games, and many home, health and beauty items.

    Just remembered my childhood days, the use of paper bags at the grocery store. The “carryout boys” carried your groceries to your car for you. When plastic came about, we had to carry out our own groceries. I do not remember learning too much about be earth friendly, and being green… was a song that a green frog sang or it meant you were looking ill.

    Thanks for what you do! 🙂

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