Perfectly Imperfect

Jack Dorsey, the brilliant entrepreneur behind Twitter and the CEO of Square, makes an interesting point in Wired magazine. He discusses the ancient Japanese concept of wabi-sabi. It’s really a philosophy that beauty often lies in imperfection.

Like the Tweets that fill our airwaves, Papernomads also travel around the world. Like many of us, they get better each and every day. They serve as witnesses to our hectic lives and record the notes, doodles, bumps, and bruises of our journey. They grow on us like the imperfect people we share our lives with.

Whether it’s the indentations in the marble steps of a medieval building in Florence, a worn Japanese tea tray, your favorite American blue jeans or a Papernomad, we instinctively know what’s real. That plastic cover you bought for your iPad may be perfectly molded. Funny, that’s exactly why it will never be perfectly imperfect to you.

Here’s to imperfection and being an original.

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