Grün ist Geil … Green is Randy

Papernomads look good online, but they feel even better offline.

There is a popular opinion that women are smarter than men – an assumption which I see proven by the fact that more than 60% of Papernomad customers are female. Those 60% decided to forego Nylon, rubber and PVC, instead they buy a sleeve made from our advanced paper composite, hemp and sheep wool. That is smart, because our products are made from renewable resources and last just as long as the device they provide a home for.

Our first ever edition of printed sleeves is now available at Media Saturn – a large retailer with shops in Austria, Germany while expanding throughout the rest of Europe. Media Saturn has been previously ill advised with their slogan Geiz ist Geil (German for “stinginess is randy”). We will help them turn that into Grün ist Geil (“green is randy”).

Female shopping behavior is superior to men, in that women are able to quickly recognize the merits of our products and order them online. Men on the other hand need tangible, easy-to-process information: if they cant touch it, they don’t get it. The study of dynamics in shopping psychology by John Gray suggest that women are from Venus and men go to Saturn, which is why we went there, too.

Among those very basic considerations we also considered other implications that might arise from partnering up with a large electronics retailer. We pondered upon availability versus philosophy: would this move betray our intent of designing sane products with ecological and social imperatives in mind? We dont think so.

Although we are shipping with a carrier who offsets all transport-related emissions through external climate protection projects, we believe that offline retail entails a far more ecological distribution compared to individual shipping. And presenting our sleeves among products that dont care about sustainability, we broadcast an important message: ecological integrity can no longer be seen as fancy bonus, but constitutes an imperative which applies to every product.

Image: Papernomads @ Media Markt Seiersberg, Austria.

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