What’s your story?

We have created the canvas, but we need you to show the world what to do with it.
Show us how your Papernomad would look like if you took it on your journey.

We are looking for creative people to participate in this project alongside leading artists and brands, gain recognition and increase their global reach. Among other prices, the winning artist(s) will be invited to collaborate with Papernomad on and receive royalties for the visual design of a special edition sleeve.

We teamed up with Talenthouse to create this contest, because we understand and recognize the challenges that artists face when trying to reach their audiences and achieve recognition for their talents. On Talenthouse – being the creative platform with global reach – you can submit and expose your work to a vast crowd of like-minded people. SUBMIT YOUR IDEA, VOTE & WIN.

Most of us live and travel through a world of constant change – a world that we are at risk of losing ourselves in. Paper is the perfect analogue counterbalance to a glass and plastic digital world that surrounds us. Our products capture our experiences as quick scribbles, coffee stains, finger prints, telephone numbers or the occasional lipstick impression. Not unlike a diary, Papernomads document our experiences and create reference points in time for us to remember who we are.


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