Sleeves with a personal touch

While nomads of the desert up-cycle their camels’ dung to produce useful goods, here comes an accessory tailored to the needs of the urban nomad living in our allegedly progressive concrete-deserts: a paper sleeve for our beloved, electronic little helpers.

What could at first glance be misunderstood as a mundane, transient wrapper, proves to be a highly refined accessory carefully designed in every detail. Product- and industrial designer Christoph Rochna’s vision of using paper as an alternative to traditional materials reaches back to his days at university. In order to translate this vision into commercial reality, an ongoing corporation with a multinational paper manufacturer bore a completely new material by merging existing solutions to exhibit unprecedented characteristics.

The result is a fibrous paper-viscose fleece. If one fibre in the compound ruptures, the surrounding fibres remain intact – rendering the structure as a whole unaffected. The ‘paper’ is water resistant and 100% bio-degradable.

The truly personal touch of the Papernomad is achieved through daily use and the owner’s creativity: here a little smiley, there a coffee stain or a girlfriend’s affectionate doodle. As time goes by, every Papernomad will tell its own story.

LEO 1/2012

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