This Year’s Killer App: PEN and PAPER


“The surging smartphone has succeeded in rendering many other gadgets obsolete. But there’s something big that the smartphone, try as it might, has not been able to stare down into oblivion: pen and paper.” writes Mark W. Smith on USAtoday. He describes how “Devices like the Apple iPad are popping up in more boardrooms, but anyone who tries to take notes or manage a calendar on one quickly runs into problems. The novelty factor quickly fades as men and women in suits struggle to thumb in notes during important meetings.”

“Everything has become so digitized, that this is sort of deliciously analog,” Michele Seiler says, referring to the pocket-sized Field Notes designed and produced by her company, which seem a soothing remedy to the mind-numbing digital intrusions in our lives.

Photo of Sketchbook by Patrick Ng

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