Compostable Memory

High-tech inside, low-tech outside – Papernomad is the first manufacturer of laptop and iPad sleeves made from a compostable paper-composite. It’s made entirely from renewable resources. At the core of the sleeves lies a sandwich of several layers of paper and a bio-polymer membrane. According to the Viennese company, the eco-sleeves are even tear-resistant. Prices range between 28 and 48 euros.

It’s not so much the ecological aspect that constitutes the competitive edge of the product, according to Papernomad’s product-designer Christoph Rochna, it is more about their “identity”: they tell their owners’ stories in the form of notes, prints, stamps and stickers. “The sleeves document our past through accidental marks and traces left on them. We immortalize memories on paper; that is what makes our products unique”.

Despite all the marketing-clever memento-nostalgia it remains to be seen if the recordable paper sleeves won’t outstrip electronic devices as the preferred storage medium.

Wirtschaftswoche #45

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