The Swan Dreams Project

by Aesha Ash

Art, like technology, inspires and transforms our lives by opening new horizons and giving form to vision. Unfortunately, too often poor and minority communities are starved of both art and technology. A community without art is broken, unrealized. Children who participate in the arts grow in every aspect of their lives, from academic performance to improved self-confidence and socialization. The Swan Dreams Project, with its goal of increasing minority participation in ballet, will both expose underserved communities to the benefits of ballet and enrich the genre by deepening its connection to powerful new voices and influences.

Like the blank canvas of an ipod sleeve, our life experiences, individuality and personal creativity bring to life an empty space. As Papernomad desires to see our own unique experiences captured in “quick scribbles,” I too desire to see the beauty of our unique selves reflected in the art of ballet. The goal of this project is to reshape horizons and transform the world through art and inspiration!

Thanks Aesha!

Taking new steps as an artist can be life changing. As an internationally recognized performing artist Aesha Ash has taken famous new steps over and over, moving from the New York City Ballet to Switzerland’s Béjart Ballet Lausanne and then returned to the States to Alonzo King’s Lines Ballet. Aesha is dedicated to changing two worlds: the world of ballet and the world of young but disadvantaged people who – without her – would not discover their creative potential. To savor more of Aesha’s beauty, visit her website on:

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