Are you Paranomad?

A friend once asked me why we write all our stories in English. Since we are an Austrian company, shouldn’t we communicate in German? I told him that compared to German, there are many more people who understand English and that I’d rather take the risk that some Germans might not read our stories than to exclude the rest.

For everyone who would like to read some caressing words about Papernomad in their own language, I can offer some links. There are a lot of nice people out there who have been writing about us in THEIR language: Bulgarian, Chinese, English, French (French bloggers seem to despise English language just as my friend does: one of them adulerated our name to “Paranomad” the other one turned it into “Papernomaid“), Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Russian, Spanish, Taiwanese, Turkish and of course in … German.

I hope they inspire your christmas shopping (and yes we still do free worldwide shipping)!

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