Moose is Loose

I love Papernomad and their delicious products. As a “dog” I don’t really have the need for electronic devices. My life is way too busy digging up old bones, urinating on fire hydrants, and looking out for single female poodles…

Sorry, I lost my focus there. My owner Jacob was one of the first people to have an awesome Papernomad. He took it everywhere until one day he left it home. Having admired it for weeks, I went over to check it out. It had the smell of In-N-Out burgers on it. There was a trace of a Starbucks mocha on it and then I couldn’t take it anymore. I ate Jacob’s Papernomad.

Okay…I’m not proud of it but it was delicious and organic. I can’t wait to eat another Papernomad!

Moose is Loose :•)

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