Bag your bag and you’re good to go when on the go.

“When I want to eat a piece of gingerbread, I choose a piece that is plain, not a piece shaped like a heart, or a baby, or a cavalryman, covered over and over with decoration.” We agree with Dwell to disagree with this modernist view expressed by Adolf Loos who speaks about the “immorality” of ornament – even of people who express themselves through tattoos as not to have evolved to the moral and civilized circumstances of modern man! Although our products come plain when you buy them, we insist you start doodling immediately as to breathe life into them: tattoo them, kiss them with lipstick, stamp them, draw on them or paint ornaments onto them, but please dont leave them naked and without personal expression.

Thanks Jordan for the nice article on!

P.S. Both Dwell and Papernomad prefer their gingerbread decorated.

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