Is this true?

It’s cool to see your own product on core77. As a student this website had been my ‘encyclopedia’ where I find inspiration and ideas. But is it all true?

If you wonder if Papernomads are indeed tear and wear resistant, order your own sleeve today on our website and try it for yourself – please let me know if you were inspired by the post on core77 (add “core77” as a message to the vendor when you order) and we include a Papernomad credit card wallet for FREE until the end of the week.

You would expect just any laptop or mobile phone sleeve to be wear & tear resistant, but would you see them as a canvas for your memories – a soothingly analogue counterbalance to the metal and glass digital world that surrounds us?

As we travel and work across the globe, Papernomad products capture our experiences as quick scribbles, coffee stains, finger prints, telephone numbers or the occasional lipstick impression that lingers on our paper case and in our minds. Not unlike a diary, Papernomads document our experiences and create reference points in time for us to remember who we are.

Perhaps the German philosopher Odo Marquard said it best: “the future needs the past.”

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