Good Morning Vietnam

It’s usually the people that you care about most that leave too early. That was the unfortunate case with my grandfather, and in a less dramatic way with Dominik, too. We went to shool together and became friends; when Dominik left Germany to live in Singapore I thought “hey if he can do that, why shouldn’t I?” so I moved to Australia. 10 years later I returned to Germany as a studied but failed product designer while Dominik had become a successful manager commanding the Asian operations of a large German company named Haefele.

Dominik kept telling me that I was good in what I’m doing and I dared to believe him. Today he received our best selling product in the mail: an iPad sleeve that has travelled the world – unfortunately not for him to keep. The iPad sleeve left Vienna mid-july stopped over in the UK, the US and Australia. On the trans-pacific crossing the iPad sleeve went missing for a while but mysteriously resurfaced. Dominik will send it on to Bulgaria soon – to our dear friend Ferdinand Habsburg-Lothringen. From there it will visit our Romanian partner-company who manufactures our products and then it will finally return home to Vienna.

I enjoy this feeling of having had this opportunity to send Dominik evidence of his words not having been in vain. Papernomad has become a great success not least because of his encouragement. Thanks Domi!

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