Have you seen our iPad sleeve?

The first few Papernomads have found a new owner… we didnt sell them – they were stolen.

We recently shipped the first batch of Papernomads to Toronto by air. A few hundred iPod sleeves, iPad sleeves and (our recent addition) MacBook Air sleeves were sitting in their boxes at Vienna airport waiting for boarding, when some guy opened one of the boxes and took three laptop sleeves. To his embarrassment he was filmed on video as he became our first “customer”. We will ask him to write a review of our products or else dress him as a beagle boy for a photo shoot to be posted on this blog.

On another note: 31 days ago we sent an iPad sleeve on an 80 day tour around the world. It stopped over in Devon / UK and – by-passing the Bermuda Triangle – Colorado Springs / USA, from where it was sent off to Adelaide / Australia. It got lost on it’s journey across the pacific.

If anyone has seen our iPad sleeve, please let us know. It is only 49 days we have left for it to return to Austria via Vietnam, Bulgaria and Romania.

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