Day XI

I arrived in Colorado Springs in early November 2004. November is a beautiful time in the Rocky Mountains: sunshine, orange to brown leaves and once in a while a snowstorm. This is a strange place when it comes to weather conditions. In the morning you leave the house, the sun is shining on a tranquil city, people ride their bikes, sit in cafes and sip their caffe latte in shorts and t-shirt: smooth sailing. One hour later the streets are white, the snow piles up and the wind roars through urban canyons. Colorado can be summer, winter and then again summer in a single day.

I love that place and I will always cherish my first few weeks in that city where I met a lot of open-hearted people who helped me find my way. One of those people is Ben – my former boss who now became a shareholder of Papernomad. Ben was willing to give me a job and so much more. I have never worked in another company afterwards where I laughed as much as I did with Ben. His humour is enchanting and his knowledge overwhelming. One important lesson I learned from him – although I often forget – is optimism.. “Smile! Tomorrow could be worse”.

Our iPad sleeve left Austria eleven days ago, with 69 days left to complete its journey around the world. It was sent off from the UK via express mail and supposed to arrive in the US 48 hours later. It didnt. I had already assumed that the sleeve had been lost in the mail and we would have to start all over again. Today I received Ben’s email together with pictures of the iPad sleeve: America flying high.

He will send it on to Adelaide in South Australia. Geographically speaking this would mark the half-time of the journey. Chronologically however – with Vietnam, Bulgaria and Romania to come next – I would say we progressed a fifth of the trip. We’ll keep you posted.

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