My girlfriend loves to photograph – and she does a pretty good job at it. For christmas a few years ago I bough her a small but very capable lens for her camera. I packed it into a much larger box with lots of paper on top of it, took an ugly porecellain statue from my mother’s lounge room, placed it with some more padding into the box, wrapped the closed box with gift wrap and gave it to her as a present. When she opened the box I enjoyed watching her surprised eyes and questioning look while holding the statue in her hands. When she discovered my stupid smile, she realized that I am not a complete ass and dug deeper through the paper until she spotted actual present: the lens. More than 20,000 photos passed through that lens since that christmas day.

Sending someone an iPad sleeve with a piece of paperboard instead of a real iPad inside sounds like a parody, too. But that is what we recently sent off on a journey around the world: a papernomad iPad sleeve which arrived at it’s first stop-over in Devon, UK. My sister lives there with her husband and children who gave the iPad sleeve a home for a weekend. Unfortunately the photo is slightly blurred, you can’t clearly see the additional stamps and stickers, but you cant overlook Sophie’s captivating smile.

With some new creative traces they sent it off to the next stop-over in Colorado Springs, USA.
I would love to know what the postman thinks when he picks up the iPad sleeve for delivery.

Thank you Sophie, Benni, Esther and Matthew for your hospitality!

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