There is a similarity between dogs and Austrian postal workers: they sleep all day just to jump up when someone throws a bone or waves at them with an object that needs to be ported.

Dogs are not lazy and I don’t want to suggest that postal workers are, but their behaviour is very much alike.

I went to the Vienna post office last week to send off an iPad sleeve that will travel around the world – in 80 days. It will visit 8 people, each of whom will put some crazy doodles onto it, take a photo of it and send it on to the next in line. We will document the journey on this blog. When the iPad sleeve returns to Vienna, it will have become a piece of art.

When I described my intention (“this iPad sleeve needs to be in Devon, UK by Monday”) the the post man asked me how he should send it… I didnt understand his question because I have never worked as a postie and I responded that it should travel economy. He looked at me (like a dog) and asked if this was a letter or a parcel. You can imagine a conversation with a dog to be a lot more exciting. The iPad sleeve finally received a lot of stickers and stamps and is now on it’s way to my sister who lives in Devon, UK.

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