There can be only One

I hate compromises. Being a stubborn person I cannot say that I easily fall in love with any but my own opinion. We are working on our new website to replace the old and crappy iWeb site – which I had prepared at a time when my knowledge of using an apple was less than moderate. 2.0 will be an epic online universe developed and refined by our amazing creative team Nina, Helena, Mark and Flo (you rock!). The problem I am facing now is that we need a music clip somewhere on our website (I am not going to tell you any details yet – instead come back in August and see / listen for yourself!); there are two songs that we like – actually that’s not true: I like one and Mario likes the other one – but THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE …

I once read a book about crowdsourcing. What I understood from reading that book was that you lean back and let others do the work, which sounds like a marvellous concept. I lent this book to my friend Sebi, who never returned it. Sebi was travelling in a small camper van around Australia together with his relentlessly nagging girlfriend whose name I forgot. To avoid conversation with her, he read my book for six months again and again. I see it likely that upon his return he set up a large company which employs hundreds but doesn’t pay anyone a cent.

What I am proposing here is to some degree to do the same and ask you: can you please do my work? All I need you to do is listen to both tracks and let me know which one you think we should go for. It doesn’t matter what we use it for or if it fits into our concept – all that matters is that you like the song, that you can identify yourself with it, that it tickles your fancy. After all you are our future audience =)

  1. Daydreaming by Dark Dark Dark
  2. Music for a found Harmonium by Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Please: rate either one by clicking on the funny little hands. If you feel an urge to voice your opinion in detail, visit us on facebook and write your comment there.

Thank You, Christoph

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