amazing encounters

A mystery of life that I was blessed to discover today once again: when you face a problem that at first seems to be nothing but a pain in the ass – an obstacle that forces you on a detour that costs you time, money and nerves – you sometimes discover that this setback was a blessing in disguise. This is what happened to me last night.

We were sitting on our weekly train ride between Vienna and Munich when we learned that due to some heavy thunderstorm the tracks to Munich are blocked.  Consequently we were forced to disembark 200 kilometers short of our destination.

Among approximately one hundred passengers trying to board just a few buses (organized by the ingenious Austrian railway), were nine who felt too lazy to be fighting for seats. Instead we organized to share a cab to take us straight to munich. I am usually bored to death on the stretch between Salzburg and Munich (neither telephones nor broadband work in that area) but last night I thoroughly enjoyed.

Amazing conversations can develop when a random group of people gets together, when you stick them in a car and send them on a two hour journey. Yesterday’s randomness was just awesome: a spacy DJ on his way to work, a mysterious woman commanding financial empires, a psychotherapist with her spouse on their way to Amsterdam (they denied going to Amsterdam for the same reason I would), a Swiss hotelier, a petulant doctor who looked like a horticulturist, my colleague Mario and myself.

During a short moment of mental derangement on my side and timidity on the opposite side, I asked everyone in the cab to visit us on and ‘like’ us (we are taking our run-up to launch our online shop in August and desperately need all the love we can get). Having made a fool of myself, everyone else was comfortable to follow suit which turned our cab ride into an amusing and amazing voyage: two hours turned into a felt 20 minutes, the group into a party and the strangers into friends.

Thank you Tobias, Giulia, Brigitte and Partner, Adrian, Erich (nicht vergessen: immer klare Anweisungen geben!) and companion. We throughly enjoyed your company and hope that our paths will cross again!

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