In the Attic

It happened over night: our production facility received the first batch of the ordered quantity of 20.000 square meters of a custom designed advanced paper composite: a sandwich of multiple layers of material derived from trees (and newspapers) and potatoes.

The material that we processed in our prototypes up to this day was hand made by myself. To do so, I set up my workshop in an eery space under the roof just above my apartment, because my dining room table is too small for a workbench.

Back in the old days people would use that space under the roof to hang up their washing and probably would not appreciate the smell of ironed paper (yes I iron it), but thanks to tumble dryers and ever increasing lazyness none of the other tenants in the house has climbed the stairs to the attic lately to notice that I turned their space into a little factory… and therefore no one has complained… and therefore I didn’t have to rent an extra worksop. In the attic I achieved a production rate of approximately 3 sqm/h; the new production set-up manages 150 sqm/sec =)

We are very satisfied with the way things worked out. For many months we didn’t even know whether the production on an industrial scale would be possible at all. We had spent nearly a year on the development of products for which we didn’t have a material yet. Now it feels all the better to know that we are one step closer to a functioning business model.

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