In 80 days around the World

My partner had a marvellous idea today: looking at the envelope of a shipment from China (which I pinned on the wall next to my desk) she said “why don’t you take a Papernomad iPad sleeve and send it on a journey around the world?”.

I pinned that envelope from China on my wall because I admired its inherent beauty. The labels, stamps, handwritten notes different languages characters and colours tell a story. The story itself is hard to grasp, but while looking at the envelope I can hear the voices (hahaha) of Chinese warehouse staff shouting, I can imagine the humid-dusty environment which the envelope travelled on its way to the airport, the roaring noise of airplanes taking off … and finally the grumpy officer at German customs sniffing and pondering on the package and the idea of opening the envelope then throwing it with a bored rictus onto a pile of packages that survived the inquisitor’s attention.

I now want my iPad sleeve to look somewhat like this envelope from China – only in this instance, the iPad sleeve will be shipped naked! I will ask a few friends in various countries around the world if they’d help me get this accomplished. Please get in touch if you would be willing to help out: you provide me with a mailing address and I will route the iPad sleeve to that address, you take a photo of it and I will post the photo + current location on this blog, afterwards you send the package to the next person (of course I will reimburse you for the postage).

Vamos – ขอไป – Să mergem – Let’s go – hãy đi – пойдем – Andiamo – laat ons gaan – 我们走吧 – πάμε – चलो चलते है – ayo – 가자 – Лет’с го – haydi gidelim – دعنا نذهب

One thought on “In 80 days around the World

  1. Dear Christoph,
    I really like your idea to send the ipod sleeve around the world and see how it will look afterwards.
    As my father works in Kasachstan, I can propose you to send the sleeve there.
    If your are interested, just contact me for his address.
    Good luck!

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