Starting a Blog…

I am trying to explain who we are, what we are doing, why we are doing it and why we think that this blog makes sense:

  1. We are two people with one idea (we used to be three people, but only two did their job, hence…)
  2. We are designing products made from paper
  3. We are designing products made from paper because we think that those products are relevant to our generation, you:
  4. Those products never were and never will be mass products without their own unique character and therefore cater for one central emotional need:
    – they collect stories in form of marks, scribbles, coffee stains, lipstick,  telephone numbers written onto the product
    – very similar to a visual diary they create reference points in time for us to look back at
    – they enable us to tell our story, find our past and recognize our presence
  5. A longer discussion with our friend from – an awesome blog about fashion trends, art and architecture – made it clear to us: if we are going to design bags, wallets, covers, etc. from paper with the prime quality of the products being their capability to tell our (your) story, then we have to begin doing just that…

If all that sounds wired, continue reading…

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